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High-Quality Safes

Safe Opening, Installation, and Repair

When you need help opening your stuck safe, count on the experienced professionals at City Lock Service for top-notch services, including repairs and installations. We offer a 1-year labor warranty on our work!

Get the Right Safe for Your Needs

Our experienced staff can recommend and install the right safe for you. From small safes to units weighing up to 4,000 pounds, we have the right-sized safe to suit your various needs:
  • Retail
  • Banks
  • Office building
  • Mom-and-pop stores
  • Supermarket
  • Jewelry store
  • Sports goods
  • Residential

Electronic Safe Repairs

If your safe’s electronic part fails, our experienced professionals can drill it open and replace the faulty mechanism. We can change the combination, as well as perform any necessary maintenance: cleaning, resetting, and hinge work. We recommend these services be done once a year. 

How Can You Tell If Your Safe Needs Servicing?

Having to dial 2 or 3 times to open your mechanical safe, means the working parts are getting dirty. We'll take the mechanism apart for a thorough cleaning. Contact us for safe repairs and battery issues. We offer a manufacturer's warranty on parts.

Keep Your Valuables Protected in a Safe

Don’t wait until you have been burglarized to get a safe. Make sure that your valuables and sentimental items are protected by keeping them secured in a safe. We'll come to your place of business or home, then make a recommendation based on your size and space needs.  

Gun Safes

Protect your firearms and keep them out of the wrong hands by storing them in a top-quality, Fort Knox brand gun safe. We offer premium safes for pawn shops, sporting goods store, and all business needs. Get in touch with us today!
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